The scandal related to Cambridge Analytica and the use of private user data has dragged on for more than four years. Meta has already paid a hefty fine, but has now accepted a settlement from users suing it and will pay another astronomical sum.

The Cambridge Analytica scandal (unrelated to a well-known university, it is an analytics company from the city of Cambridge) has completely changed the image of Facebook (currently Meta) and the privacy of our data online. Well, the company used the personal data of users, which they simply share on the platform, to later profile advertisements for the needs of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign or a campaign supporting Brexit.

When this came to light, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) fined Meta more than $5 billion. However, this was not the end of the drama for Zuckerberg and co. Later, the users themselves filed a class action lawsuit, which happened earlier this year. However, it seems that it is almost finished, because Meta agreed to sign a settlement of $ 725 million.

Is this the end of Meta’s problems with the whole affair – it remains to be seen, because looking at how the company has dealt with previous processes regarding this case, it turns out that it is a loser in advance.